Painting miniatures - Design concepts - Appearance - Gun barrels

Article updated: 2017.09.09

In wargames the miniatures depict the people who fight battles. It depends on your philosophy how do they appear on the table.

The appearance of the gun barrel can be important for some modellers.

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Casting miniatures - Miniature hobby guide

I've gathered my experiences with casting miniatures. I've also collected the resources and casting tutorials I've found interesting. 

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Painting light effects: Object Source Lighting (OSL) - Miniature painting guide

I've made a quick tutorial on painting light effects from object source lighting (OSL).

When light shines on an area, if that light is stronger than the surrounding light, the colour area will become lighter, and unless the light is white, it will also change colour.

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Miniatures - Selling used miniatures

Article updated: 2019.05.10

There are times you'd like to sell your miniatures. You might lose interest in gaming entirely, change armies, or in dire need of money - you'd like to change your collection into something more useful to you.

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Article updated: 2016.07.29

I've gathered some definitions that are useful to know when you paint miniatures.

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Infantry bases for miniaturesPainting miniatures - Design concepts - Basing miniatures

Article updated: 2020.04.15

For this article I've gathered the several ways you can base your miniatures, and the several philosophies regarding basing.

For further information on miniature base types:

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Article updated: 2019.08.03

There are several different ideas of how to do miniatures "properly", and it's often a source of heated debates on the internet forums. The source of these dabates is that these people believe in separate philosophies.

I'm listing here the broad categories, if you'd like to know further details, read their own articles.

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Miniatures - How to use varnish on miniatures - Miniature hobby guideHow to use varnish on miniatures - Miniature hobby guide

Article updated: 2020.01.23

I've gathered information about varnishing miniatures. If you'd like to know how to varnish miniatures, this is the varnishing guide you need.

A varnish is a kind of medium that contains no pigment. When applied, it gives a transparent layer after drying.

Varnish can change the look of the colours under it based on how transparent it will become, and can also change the reflectivity. If you add several layers of varnish, it increases the chance of changing the colours and it will also become more and more opaque. Some varnish can get "old", and after a few years or decades it can change in transparency or reflectivity (become yellow), and can crack.

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Miniature modeling - Resources

Article updated: 2020.04.07

Miniature games often require special minis that you can't buy out of the shop. This is when you need to do your own miniature modelling to get exactly what you imagined.

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