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You can find here The Nexus, a collection of different topics, including the SF&F Nexus, for sci-fi and fantasy literature and movies, and the Games Nexus, for board games, wargames and role-playing games. You can also read the products of the Nexus projects, including the Alkony, a dark fantasy setting, and Forlorn Stars, a space fantasy universe.

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Alkony, the World of Gloam is a dark fantasy role-playing game setting, developed by the Alkony Workshop. On this website you will find the works of the Alkony Workshop - games, graphic art, and literature. Visit the Alkony pages!

About the World of Alkony: Get to know the universe!

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SF&F Nexus

Here you can find articles about sci-fi and fantasy books and movies.

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The Games Nexus

This website also features the Games Nexus, a central for roleplaying, board games and miniature games. Visit the Games Nexus!

Are you interested in miniatures, accessories and scenery? Check the Miniatures Nexus! You can find there our miniature reviews and a database of miniatures. If you are looking for a specific miniature, you might find it through our miniature keywords. If you'd need assitance, you'd like someone to do something for you, you might need miniature related services!

The Wargames Nexus is a collection of articles about wargames rules and products.

Do you like to play board games? Check the Board games Nexus!

Are you interested in creating your own games? Check the Game Design & Publishing pages!

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Nexus Club

We support gamers with places to play and a collection of games to try. Check out the Nexus Club pages!

For the latest news and events visit Nexus Klub Miskolc Facebook page! (in Hungarian)

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