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If you feel like you would like to donate to the good cause, please contact us so we could give you further details.

If your company produces something we can provide a review of it - be it a game, a miniature, a toy, or even snacks!


If you have articles, fiction or images that could fit out website, feel free to contact us! We welcome every kind of interesting content.

Games, miniatures & toys

If you have games you don't need anymore we will provide a good home for them. These could be practically anything from old boardgames to plastic to soldiers or rubber dinosaurs. Even plush toys will be utilised in our day care room for smaller kids.

Even damaged miniatures and toy vehicles can be used for some purpose by our crafty modellers.


If you have surplus paints, brushes, modelling materials, moulding silicone or resin, you will feel great if you donate it to support us!


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