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Infantry bases for miniaturesBasing miniatures - Miniature hobby guide

Article updated: 2020.04.16

I've gathered information about basing your miniatures.

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Basing miniatures

As most miniatures won't stand in themselves, some kind of basing is usually needed.

Basing - Resources

40K for Grownups - Transparent bases (closed Facebook group): Discussion about basing philosophies.

James Collard (BrushStroke): Quick Tip: Aligning holes when pinning (Facebook): Tutorial article.

Litko: Miniature Basing and Tray Finishing Tutorial: Tutorial article about mounting miniatures on bases, then creating scenic bases. (2020.04.16: The article is offline.)

the article on

MASSIVE VOODOO: Tutorial Overview - Basing: Tutorial article collection about basing miniatures.

TheApatheticFish: How to Base Miniature Models: Tutorial video.

The Casavants: Bases: Tutorial article about basing miniatures, with illustrations.

Cavalry bases for miniatures

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Rebasing miniatures

Rebasing: Removing the miniature from its base and attaching it to another base.

Sometimes the ruleset you use dictates that you need to use a different kind of basing than you already have. You need to rebase your miniatures to fit the chosen rules. If it happens often, you should use some temporary measures (self-adhesive glue, magnet).

Rebasing options

  • Cutting the original base. Glue to a new base.
  • Leaving the original base, gluing to the new base. This makes the miniature higher than the original.
  • Leaving the original base, gluing to a hollow base. This makes the miniature closer to the original height.

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