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Working with miniatures - Miniature hobby guide

This a collection of tips for working with miniatures.


Basics - Resources

Gareth Branwyn (for Make: Magazine): Tabletop Gaming — Modeling Tips and Tricks: Tutorial article.

Models Workshop: A good website with lots of articles.

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Safety tips

Make sure your survive building and painting your models.

Safety tips - Resources

Roman (from Massive Voodoo): Article: Hobby accidents and how you can avoid them: Good tips to save your life during modelling.

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Repairing brushes

If you find off hairs in your brush, that create mistakes during painting, don't just cut the ends of them off, but try to grab them with tweeters, and break them right above the handle. That way they won't ruin the point of the brush.

Don't pluck the root of the hairs from the brush because it can ruin it as it can disturb the whole brush, and you can dislodge multiple hairs.

Repairing brushes - Resources

BrokenToad: NEVER EVER CUT BRUSH HAIR (Facebook): Post about why you shouldn't cut the ends of the nrush.

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Using filler

If you are building a multi-piece model, you might need to use filler to fill the recesses between the joins.

Using filler - Resources

David Damek (from PLASMO - plastic models): How to use putty. Tamiya basic putty, Epo putty, Milliput. Použití tmelů na modelu (in Czech, with English subtitles): Tutorial video.

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Stripping paint

Read our Games Nexus article: Stripping paint from miniatures

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Games Nexus article: Basing miniatures

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Casting miniatures

Games Nexus article: Casting miniatures - Miniature gobby guide

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Storage and transport

After you finish your models, you need to store it somewhere.

If you collect models to use them in wargames, you need to be able to carry them around, without damaging them.

Storage and transport - Resources

Richard Heath (Yith) (from Yith's Wargaming Blog): Kings of War Army Storage: An article about storing and carrying miniatures. Also, good tutorial about multibasing your minis, using magnets and magnetic tape.

Mike Carter (from Until Somebody Loses An Eye): I shall pluck no more forever: An article about the disadvantages of foam inserts and advantages of magnetic cases for transporting miniatures.

Rob Baer (from Spikey Bits): 5 Foam Hacks for Storing Your Miniatures – Tutorial: Tutorial article.

Rob Baer (from Spikey Bits): Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Storing Your Miniatures Hobby Hacks: Tutorial video.

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Do you know further resources or tutorials about working with miniatures? Tell us in the comments!


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