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Miniature painting related definitions

Article updated: 2016.07.29

I've gathered some definitions that are useful to know when you paint miniatures.

Glossy: It's an optical sheen level of the paint, that is shiny. More info:

Matte: It's an optical sheen level of the paint, that doesn't shine and it's not glossy. More info:

Painting stand: Something you use to hold your miniature while painting. More info:

Pooling: The even when a thin liquid (wash, varnish) gathers up in a recess. You should remove the excess to avoid pooling.

Primer: A layer of special paint that will help the next layer stick better to the surface it has been applied to. Primers also act as undercoat. More info:

Priming: The application of primer. More info:

Silk shine: It's an optical sheen level of the paint, that's somewhere between totally matte and glossy. More info:

Undercoat: A layer of material that will make the surface even, so paint or primer can be applied on it. More info:

Varnish: It's a layer of transparent material that will protect your miniatures. More info:

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Do you know further miniature painting related definitions? Do you have your own, better definitions? Do you have any questions about a phrase? Tell us in the comments!


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