Futuristic humanoid warrior in 1/56 scale - Blaine MVP #1 for DreadBall from Mantic Games, 2018image © Mantic Games
sculpt © Mantic Games
painting © Mantic Games

Painted Blaine MVP #1 from Mantic Games company

The Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for the DreadBall  boardgame from Mantic Games is a futuristic humanoid warrior.

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Details - Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for DreadBall from Mantic Games

Miniature: Blaine MVP #1, Product name: Blaine MVP, Product code: ?, Sprue: -, Range: Warpath rangeDreadBall rangeDreadBall Jack (Futuristic), Series: Warpath universe, Company: Mantic Games company, Production: 2013-?

Size: Human-sized (S3), Species: Blaine's species (Humanoid), Gender: ?, Technology: Futuristic (Advanced), Role: Warrior, Features: -, Armour: futuristic armour (armour), Helmet: helmet, Equipment in hand: empty hands / DreadBall glove (Weapon - melee weapon - one-handed melee weapon), Equipment carried: none, Based on: ?

Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) scale, Proportions: Realistic, Size: ?mm high, Material: hard PVC - gray, Priming: Primer is not necessary
Assembly: Multi-piece, Sprueless, No cutting needed, Needs glue, Posing: Medium, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Integral flat base - Fits Mantic base, Conceptual design: Roberto Cirillo?, 3D Sculptor: ?

Set: Blaine MVP #1 set: contains 1

DreadBall Season 4: Blaine MVP #1 set contents:

1x Blaine MVP #1
1x Clear Plastic DreadBall Base

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Review - Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for DreadBall from Mantic Games


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Size Comparison photos - Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for DreadBall from Mantic Games


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Using the miniature - Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for DreadBall from Mantic Games

Uses for games


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Resources - Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for DreadBall from Mantic Games



Contents overview

Deathwatch Studios: DreadBall – The Enforcer & Anne-Marie Helder Finished: Article, including unpainted Blaine MVP #1.




Deathwatch Studios: DreadBall – MVPs out the Wazoo: Showcase article, including Blaine MVP #1.

Giovanni Sebastiano Pecora (from Valle dei gufi): Blaine: Showcase article about Blaine MVP #1.

Steicy & Vincent - Wondercat Painting: DreadBall Tabletop: Showcase article, with the Blaine MVP #1.

Blaine MVP #1 image

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Buying the product - Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for DreadBall from Mantic Games


Base price (Blaine MVP #1): EUR / GBP / USD

Base price (Blaine MVP #1)(2014 DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter): EUR / GBP / 5 USD

Where can you buy it?

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Possible substitutes - Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for DreadBall from Mantic Games

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Blaine MVP #2

Blaine Sponsor

Predator miniatures

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Do you have the Blaine MVP #1 miniature figure for DreadBall from Mantic Games? How do you like it? Would you recommend it to others? What further uses can you come up with? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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