Kings of War

I've collected some ideas about Kings of War tactics.

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Miniatures - Casting miniatures - Copying existing miniatures - Laws, licences and legality

Article updated: 2019.11.21

When someone creates a miniature, they have the copyright to the mini, that is, the right to create copies of it. Creating copies without the permission of the copyright owner is illegal.

If a sculptor wants to copy the designs of an existing intellectual property (IP), they need the IP holder's permission to do that. The way you create this copy (recast, 3D print, papercraft) doesn't matter in this regard. Copying the original designs without the licence is illegal. The law protects every design for a number of years. After it has passed, you can use the design to sculpt or print your own model, but you still can't make physical copies of the originals.

I've seen several opinions and question on the internet about the legalities of copying miniatures, so I've collected some of them.

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Infantry bases for miniatures

Article updated: 2020.04.04

For this article I've gathered the several ways you can base your miniatures, and the several philosophies regarding basing.

For further information on miniature base types:

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Cavalry bases for miniatures

Article updated: 2020.04.04

I've collected the different ways to base your miniatures. Although you can choose your own style, sometimes the ruleset of your chosen game dictates the stand shape or basing style you can use.

For further information on how to base your miniatures:

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Star Wars: Legion Core Set wargame base set from Fantasy Flight Games, 2017image © Fantasy Flight Games

Wargame base set: Star Wars: Legion Core Set, Product type: Game base set

Product name: Star Wars: Legion Core Set, Product code: SWL01, Setting: Star Wars universe, System: Star Wars: Legion system, Range: Star Wars: Legion range (Futuristic), Company: Fantasy Flight Games company, Production: 2017-2020-

Scale: 1:40 scale, Proportions: Realistic, Size: ?mm, Material: soft PVC (Soft plastic), Priming: Not necessary
Assembly: Multi-piece - Integrated connector: Tight fit peg, Pre-cut, Needs glue, Posing: Medium, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: No base, Conceptual design: ?, Sculptor: ?

Base price (Star Wars: Legion Core Set)(2018): 90 USD

see the review

Read our preview on the Star Wars: Legion Core Set wargame base set from Fantasy Flight Games (we do not have this product for review)

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I've gathered my experiences with casting miniatures. I've also collected the resources and casting tutorials I've found interesting. 

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Removing paint from miniatures - Miniature hobby guideRemoving paint from miniatures - Miniature hobby guide

Article updated: 2020.03.08

Stripping paint off miniatures is useful when you want to remove a previous paintjob from your miniature. Sometimes you wish to change the paint scheme of the miniature or just get rid of the previous layers of paint. There are several ways to strip paint from your miniatures. I've collected my thought on removing paint from miniatures.

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Articles about miniatures and miniature games.

The Gaming Nexus Miniature Commission Database

Modelling and miniatures related commission services

Miniature painting commission services: If you don't like to paint, don't have the time or don't have the patience, there are others who can paint the miniatures of your collection.

Miniature assembly commission services: If you find it difficult to put models together, they can assemble and glue your miniatures for you.

Miniature sculpting commission services: When you really need a specific miniature, but you can't find it on the market, you can commission a sculptor to create it for you.

Miniature casting services: Do you have an own sculpt you'd like to have some copies of? You can cast as many as you want if you pay for casting services.

Miniature terrain making commission services: If you like realistic scenery but don't have time or patience to do it yourself, there are terrain makers to help you out.

Other miniature related commission services: There are some miniatures related services (conversions, basing, paint removal), I couldn't list anywhere else yet, so I list them here.

Second hand miniature trading services: They are for those who have miniatures or scenery that they don't need anymore or for those would you like to collect miniatures on a budget.

Miniature bits trading services: They offer small parts and bits for miniature modellers.

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