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Material: hard PVC

The hard Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a material some plastic miniatures are made of. The material is still flexible, but not as soft as a soft PVC. The material used for miniatures by Mantic and other companies has a dark gray basic colour.

hard PVC (PVC)

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Glueing: As it is not polystyrene, you can't use polystyrene cement, only superglue.

Priming: You don't have to use primer, but as restic is sligthly hydrophobic, it's recommended, as it will be easier to paint it. Use non-water based primers, as those might have problem with sticking to it.

Painting: The material is sligthly hydrophobic. If you don't use primer, then don't dilute your paint with too much water, or be prepared to paint more than one layer of paint on an area to cover it entirely. Also, if you use water based wash, paint the area beforehand (even if the original gray colour would fit you), otherwise the wash will just drop off.

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The hard PVC used by some companies (Mantic Games, for example) is often called 'premium plastic' or 'sprueless plastic' by the producer, and 'restic' or 'resin-plastic' by the collectors.

Where can you find it? Mantic Games (Warpath, Kings of War, Deadzone, Dreadball), Privateer Press, Studio McVay (Sedition Wars).

Hero Forge miniatures are also made of a material called Premium Plastic, but from the looks I think it's not the same hard PVC.

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