Massive Darkness boardgame base set from CoolMiniOrNot - Boardgame base set reviewMassive Darkness
image © CoolMiniOrNot

Article updated: 2020.02.01

After a few games of Massive Darkness boardgame from Guillotine Games & CoolMiniOrNot we have introduced some house rules that fit our gaming style better. I prefer a simulationist / immersive approach instead of the gamist/narrativist one the Massive Darkness rules use.

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Fur cloaks from Spellcrowimage © Spellcrow
sculpt © Spellcrow

Miniature set: Furry/Wolves Cloaks (SPCB5819)Miniature accessory: cape & cloak - fur cape/cloak, Range: Historical / Fantasy / Modern / FuturisticFuturistic fantasy - Spellcrow Space - Space Knights, Company: Spellcrow, Production: -2015-2016-
Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm), Proportions: Realistic / Heroic, Size: ?, Material: Resin, Priming: Not necessary
Assembly: One-piece, Posing: ?, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: -, Conceptual design: ?, Sculptor: Piotr Pirianowicz
Features: 1x 6 fur capes/cloaks (fur capes/cloaks).
Base set price: 8 EUR, Price/mini: 1,33 EUR

Read our full review of the Furry/Wolves Cloaks miniature fur cape/cloak accessory from Spellcrow (review coming soon!)

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The Others: 7 Sins board game

Boardgame: The Others: 7 Sins board game base set (CoolMiniOrNot)

System: The Others (CoolMiniOrNot)

Author: Gregor Ottó
Edited by: Kadmon

Translation based on: The Others: 7 Sins alapkészlet (CoolMiniOrNot) - Társasjáték ismertető Ottótól (2017.09.10)
Translation: Google Translate (Google Translate website)

Gregor Ottó reviewed the The Others: 7 Sins board game by CoolMiniOrNot.

* * *

Many literary works give the theme and play the idea of Hell. The realm of guilty souls where they are who did not live a decent life before their death. Dante's Divine play was the first one to divide her into circles and bunks, according to the Sovereignty of Satan. This has since been recaptured in countless media outlets. But in the next game, the heroes are not going to Hell, but Hell comes to them!

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Huge humanoid warrior in 1/50 scale - Soul Searcher #2 for the Ice Caste faction of the Dragyri for the Dark Age wargame from CoolMiniOrNot, 2017 - Miniature figure reviewimage © CoolMiniOrNot
(modified by Kadmon)
sculpt © CoolMiniOrNot
painting © CoolMiniOrNot

Miniature figure: Soul Searcher #2 v2

Product name: Soul Searcher #2, Product code: ?, Sprue: -, Range: Dark Age range - Dragyri - Ice Caste, Setting: Dark Age universe, Series: -, Company: CoolMiniOrNot company, Production: -2016-

Size: Huge (S5), Species: Humanoid, Gender: male, Technology: Medieval (Archaic), Role: Warrior, Armour: armour, no shield, Helmet: helmet, Equipment in hand: halberd (Weaponmelee weapon - polearm), Equipment carried: -, Based on: ?

Scale: 1:50 (35mm) scale, Proportions: Realistic, Size: 63 mm tall, Material: Resin, Priming: Primer is not necessary
Assembly: ?, Posing: Medium, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: No base, Conceptual design: ?, Sculptor: Werner Klocke

Set: Soul Searcher #2 v2 set: contains 1

Price: ?

Read our preview of the Soul Searcher #2 v2 for the Dark Age wargame from CoolMiniOrNot (we do not have this product for review)

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Article updated: 2020.01.23

A varnish is a kind of medium that contains no pigment. When applied, it gives a transparent layer after drying.

Varnish can change the look of the colours under it based on how transparent it will become, and can also change the reflectivity. If you add several layers of varnish, it increases the chance of changing the colours and it will also become more and more opaque. Some varnish can get "old", and after a few years or decades it can change in transparency or reflectivity (become yellow), and can crack.

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Zombie figures of different miniature scales

Updated: 2020.01.23

Knowing the size and proportions of a miniature is important if you have an established collection you'd like to expand. Determining niniature size and miniature scale is often hard, as even the producing companies use confusing scale references.

While browsing through websites of companies that produce miniatures I often run into articles that are either trying to explain miniature scales the wrong way or complain that their customers demand to know what scale and size their products are.


Miniature scales

Relative scale

Absolute scale

Relative "absolute" scale

Miniature proportions

Realistic proportions

Heroic scale proportions

Top-down proportions

Chibi proportions

Power proportions

Matching miniatures and scenery

Vehicle sizes and miniatures with bases

Miniature size & scales - Resources

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Article updated: 2020.01.21

Second hand miniature trading services are for those who have wargame and boardgame miniatures or scenery that they don't need anymore or for those who would you like to collect miniatures on a budget. You can find cheap, used miniatures and terrain in these webshops.

I collected the second hand miniature webshops I know of. While not strictly webstores, I decided to also include trading groups for the sake of completion. I've listed the second hand trading services by area.

One thing you should be aware of is that some of the second hand miniatures can be illegal copies, so before buying them make sure to check it's legality with the seller. Even if you are okay with buying them, you should know what to expect.

Second hand miniatures - Resources

Games Nexus: Selling used miniatures: Article about setting prices and how to handle the trading.

DakkaDakka: Recognizing counterfeit miniatures: Article about things you should be aware of when buying miniatures.

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Articles about miniatures and miniature games.

The Gaming Nexus Miniature Commission Database

Modelling and miniatures related commission services

Miniature painting commission services: If you don't like to paint, don't have the time or don't have the patience, there are others who can paint the miniatures of your collection.

Miniature assembly commission services: If you find it difficult to put models together, they can assemble and glue your miniatures for you.

Miniature sculpting commission services: When you really need a specific miniature, but you can't find it on the market, you can commission a sculptor to create it for you.

Miniature casting services: Do you have an own sculpt you'd like to have some copies of? You can cast as many as you want if you pay for casting services.

Miniature terrain making commission services: If you like realistic scenery but don't have time or patience to do it yourself, there are terrain makers to help you out.

Other miniature related commission services: There are some miniatures related services (conversions, basing, paint removal), I couldn't list anywhere else yet, so I list them here.

Second hand miniature trading services: They are for those who have miniatures or scenery that they don't need anymore or for those would you like to collect miniatures on a budget.

Miniature bits trading services: They offer small parts and bits for miniature modellers.

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