Donation from Antenociti's Workshop

Antenociti's Workshop donated a big box of futuristic scenery for the use of Nexus Club. These are supposedly miscasts, but if that is true, they have very strict quality control, as they look flawless to me. We are grateful for these gifts, we will make good use of them in our sci-fi games!

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Makettfesztivál 2016 Miskolc

The Nexus Club took part in the Makettfesztivál (Model Festival) 2016 miniatures convention in Miskolc on 2016.01.30-31, working closely with The Forge wargaming club. The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) modelling competition was also held here. Sarkadi Sándor came from Debrecen to do a demonstration of the Kings of War, a fantasy tactical game from Mantic Games. For this occasion wargaming boards were made by Kelemen Gábor and by the Scenery World Workshop.

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Games Day Budapest 2016image © Kovács Károly

The Nexus Club visited Games Day Budapest 2016 to do demonstrations of sci-fi wargames. In cooperation with The Forge Club, Scenery World Workshop commission terrain maker studio, and Nagy Péter (Petrow) from Keszthely, we brought demos of Alien vs Predator, Deadzone and DreadBall. There were dozens of other wargames and boardgames demos all around the area. The Golden Gobbo painting competition was also held here. Several gaming stores had a stand here with reduced prices, and there was a bits market for miniature collectors.

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Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) exhibition

Author: Kadmon
Translation based on: Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018 (2018.02.02-04) - Esemény beszámoló (2018.02.14)
Translation: Kadmon

The Makettfesztivál (Model Festival) is an annual miniatures hobby event, organised by Miskolci Makettezők Egyesülete (Modelers Association of Miskolc). On this Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018 the Nexus Club also participated at 2018.02-02-04, working closely with The Forge wargaming club. The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) modelling competition was also held here, the programs are basically built around this. For this occasion Kelemen Gábor made a wargaming board for Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings.

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