Makettfesztivál 2016 Miskolc

The Nexus Club took part in the Makettfesztivál (Model Festival) 2016 miniatures convention in Miskolc on 2016.01.30-31, working closely with The Forge wargaming club. The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) modelling competition was also held here. Sarkadi Sándor came from Debrecen to do a demonstration of the Kings of War, a fantasy tactical game from Mantic Games. For this occasion wargaming boards were made by Kelemen Gábor and by the Scenery World Workshop.

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Scenery World Workshop

For the wargamers the clear "winner" of the con was the lava gaming board made by Scenery World Workshop, the commission terrain and scenery workshop founded by Chava Thomas and Kovács Károly. The terrain was inspired by hellish landscape of Mordor.

Gaming table made by Scenery World WorkshopThe visitors could enjoy the lovely sight of the lava gaming board and its makers (from left: Kovács Károly and Chava Thomas)

The wargaming board of Kelemen Gábor

Kelemen Gábor (MeyilKree) has spent the last few monthes with the creation of this beautiful gaming board for his wargaming tutorial missions. Originally it was made with Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings in mind, but it was also perfectly suited for Mantic Games' Kings of War battles.

Kelemen Gábor and the gaming board made by himKelemen Gábor (MeyilKree) (on the left) made every effort to raise the aesthetic quality of the festival

Sarkadi Sándor, the King of War

Sarkadi Sándor (Kaba) traveled all the way from Debrecen to Miskolc, to lead battles using the Kings of War rules system from Mantic Games.

Sarkadi Sándor, the King of WarSarkadi Sándor (Kaba) (standing on left) politely lets all of his opponents win against his orcs. Currently playing against Tóth Dániel (Grosh).

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Nexus Club

From the Nexus Club it was Takács György (Kadmon) who held presentations of various board games and miniature games. He also constantly herded the passersby to the gaming tables. During the two days, besides the most popular Kings of War there were plays of DreadBall, Deadzone, Zombicide, demonstrations of Infinity, Warzone Resurrection (a wargame set in the world of Mutant Chronicles), Alien vs Predator, and even of World of Twilight, that's almost unknown in Hungary.

The joy of playing the games was enhanced by the donated space marines, a gift from Victory Makett modelling store.

Makettfesztivál - gaming supplies for the first day

Kadmon explains the rules

Takács György leading a game of Zombicide

We managed to recruit some young visitors of the festival for tactical miniatures games. The helpful members of The Forge wargaming club (including Lehoczky Tamás (Zirrian), Györkei Ákos, and Györkei Gergő) took up the role of instructing the small generals.

Little generals waging war

Little generals waging war

Little generals waging war

Some of the guests didn't bother themselves with any kind of written rules, just had a good time playing with the beautifully painted miniatures using their own imagination to create cute stories. (The illustration shows a little girl trying to balance each and every Blood Angel miniature on top of the tank for some strategical reason.)

Small girl playing with space marines

There was a broad range of visitors on the festival, boys and girls, young and old played alike. An elderly generalissa tried to show the younger ones how to do an effective cavalry charge against tanks using lances with explosive warheads.

Zombicide játék

We would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to participate in the Makettfesztivál miniature festival. I hope we can be also here next year!

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Did you like to game, and want to get one?

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What do you think of the 2016 Makettfesztivál of Miskolc? What was your favourite event? What would you like to add, what do you miss from the festival? Tell us in the comments!


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