• Second hand miniature trading services

    Second hand miniature trading servicesSecond hand miniature trading services

    Article updated: 2020.09.16

    Second hand miniature trading services are for those who have wargame and boardgame miniatures or scenery that they don't need anymore or for those who would you like to collect miniatures on a budget. You can find cheap, used miniatures and terrain in these webshops.

    I collected the second hand miniature webshops I know of. While not strictly webstores, I decided to also include trading groups for the sake of completion. I've listed the second hand trading services by area.

    One thing you should be aware of is that some of the second hand miniatures can be illegal copies, so before buying them make sure to check it's legality with the seller. Even if you are okay with buying them, you should know what to expect.

    Second hand miniatures - Basics

    Games Nexus: Selling used miniatures: Article about setting prices and how to handle the trading.

    DakkaDakka: Recognizing counterfeit miniatures: Article about things you should be aware of when buying miniatures.

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