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Product type: Game expansion


Product type: Product types - Game expansion

An expansion is game set that includes additional content to play the game. You'll need further components (for example a base set or a rulebook) to be able to use this set.

Game expansion types

Game expansion: era : An era expansion provides additional rules, maps or units to play the base game in another era.

Game expansion: faction : A faction expansion contains a player faction to be used with the base game.

Game expansion: map : A map expansion adds at least one additional map to be used in the game.

Game expansion: miniature : A miniature expansion provides one or more miniatures for the game.

Game expansion: rules : A rules expansion provides additional rules to use in the game.

Game expansion: scenario : A scenario expansion provides additional scenarios to play.

Game expansion: scenery : A scenery expansion adds scenery to the game.

Game expansion: cardboard scenery : A cardboard scenery expansion adds cardboard scenery (sometimes 3D pieces) to the game.

Game expansion: playing area

Game expansion: game mat : A game mat expansion adds a game mat to play on to the game.

Game expansion: miniature scenery : A miniature scenery expansion adds 3D miniature scenery pieces to the game.

Game expansion: unit : A unit expansion provides additional units for the player forces.

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