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Name: Sarkadi Sándor (Kaba)

Sarkadi Sándor, a Háború KirályaSarkadi Sándor (left) in 2016 at the Makettfesztivál miniature fest of Miskolc

Sarkadi Sándor (Kaba) is a wargamer. He lives in Debrecen, Hungary (Europe).

Sarkadi Sándor (Kaba) - Information

Sarkadi Sándor's Facebook account

Gates of Hell - A tápos és a fluffos (in Hungarian) : The website of Sarkadi Sándor in Hungarian.

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  • Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2016 miniatures convention (2016.01.30-31) - Event coverage

    Makettfesztivál 2016 Miskolc - The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) exhibitionMakettfesztivál Miskolc 2016 - The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) exhibition

    Article updated: 2020.02.19

    The Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2016 (Model Festival 2016) miniatures convention was held on 2016.01.30-31, in Miskolc. The Makettfesztivál Miskolc, built around the Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) modeling competition, is an annual modeling hobby event, organised by the Miskolci Makettezők Egyesülete (Modelers Association of Miskolc). An event coverage was written by Kadmon.

    The Nexus Club took part in the Makettfesztivál on both days, working closely with The Forge wargaming club. Sarkadi Sándor came from Debrecen to do a demonstration of the Kings of War, a fantasy tactical game from Mantic Games. For this event, wargaming boards were made by Kelemen Gábor and by the Scenery World Workshop.