Name: Kev White (Hasslefriesian)

Kevin James White is a miniatures sculptor. Works for Hasslefree Miniatures. He lives in the United Kingdom (Europe).

Worked for these companies: Games Workshop / Forgeworld, Privateer Press, Warlord Games, Reaper Miniatures, CMON, Studio McVey, Wizards of the Coast, Dark Sword Miniatures, Mantic, John Blanche / Femme Militant, Cthulhu Wars, Kaha Miniatures, Crooked Dice, Otherworld, Heresy Miniatures, Ground Zero Games, Harlequin, Target, I-Kore, Brigade Games, Forge of Ice, FU-UK, Grey Matter Figures, Clarecraft, Heartbreaker, TFT, Custom Hobby

Hasslefriesian (18+): Kev White's NSFW Facebook page

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