Person: Bukta Zoltán (Vihar)

Name: Bukta Zoltán, Nickname: Vihar

Bukta Zoltán (Vihar) is a wargamer. He lives in Budapest, Hungary (Europe).

Bukta Zoltán (Vihar) - Information

Bukta Zoltán's Facebook page

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  • Donation from Bukta "Vihar" Zoltán to the Nexus Club

    Donation from Bukta "Vihar" Zoltán

    Bukta "Vihar" Zoltán sent the Nexus Club a copy of the Hungarian version of the Descent boardgame. Although most of the miniatures are missing, these can be substituted from the collection of the club. He even painted the heroes for us! Thank you very much for the donation, we've been looking for this game for a long time!

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