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Malformed Host set for Macrocosm from Macrocosm Miniatures - Miniature figure set reviewimage © Macrocosm Miniatures

Miniature Set: Malformed Host set, Product type: Game expansion: miniature, Company: Macrocosm Miniatures, Production: -2016-2017-

Product name: Malformed Host, Product Code: MHCC1, Range: Macrocosm Sci-Fi - Malignancy (Futuristic fantasy), Series: ?, Company: Macrocosm Miniatures, Production: -2016-2017-

Modified human (Human), Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm), Proportions: Heroic scale, Size: ?mm, Material: Metal, Priming: Primer is necessary
Assembly: Multi-piece, Needs glue, On sprue?, Needs cutting?, Posing: Hard, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Tabbed for Slottabase, Design: ?, Sculptor: ?

Base price (Malformed Host set): 12 GBP / ? EUR / ? USD, Price per miniature: 2,4 GBP
Base set price (Malignancy Starter Set v1 set): ? GBP / ? EUR / ? USD
Base set price (Malignancy Starter Set v2): 25 GBP / ? EUR / ? USD


Read our preview of the Malformed Host set for Macrocosm from Macrocosm Miniatures (we do not have this product to review)

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