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Miniature sculpting services: When you really need a specific miniature, but you can't find it on the market, you can commission a sculptor to create it for you.

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    The Games Nexus Miniature Commission Database

    Miniature sculpting commission services: When you really need a wargame or boardgame miniature but you can't find it on the market, you can always commission a sculptor. I've listed the commission miniature sculpting services by area.

    Physical sculpting: The sculptor creates a physical copy while sculpting it. If you already have a caster, ask them about their requirements of the original sculpt. Some sculpts need to be larger than the intended size of the miniature, some need to withstand intense heat, so get the information before the sculpt is done.

    3D sculpting: The sculptor creates a virtual miniature that can be 3D printed. Before you assume the sculptor will give you a miniature ready to cast, ask them whether they'll create a file ready to print, will they send you a printed copy, and will they create a physical copy of the miniature, ready to be casted. Don't assume a 3D sculptor will do any of these, beyond creating a 3D design. It's also recommended to find 3D sculptors that have some history with creating castable miniatures, so they'll have a better idea what you expect of them.

    If you see (Games Nexus) listed in the links for a sculpting service, it means you can find product reviews of their work on our website. If you see the name of a person highlighted as a link, it means you can find an article about that person and their work.


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