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Miniatures range: Warpath - DreadBall range - DreadBall Jack

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Futuristic humanoid warrior in 1/56 scale - Draconis All-Stars Jack #1 for DreadBall from Mantic Games, 2018image © Mantic Games

Miniatures range: Warpath  - DreadBall rangeDreadBall Jack (Futuristic), Setting: Warpath universe, Company: Mantic Games, Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) scale, Proportions: Realistic

"Jacks: These are the all-rounders. There is nothing they cannot do, but this incredible flexibility comes at the cost of sacrificing their specialist Guard or Striking training." [Rob Burman (from Mantic Blog): DreadBall Locker Room: The Basics]

Warpath is a range of 28mm scale futuristic miniatures, produced by Mantic Games for the Deadzone, DreadBall, and Warpath games, set in the same futuristic Warpath setting.

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