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Miniatures range: Project: ELITE range

Project: ELITE board game from Artipia Games & Drawlab Entertainmentimage © Artipia Games

Miniatures range: Project: ELITE range, Setting: Project: ELITE universe, Company: CoolMiniOrNot

The Project: ELITE range is a range of Futuristic miniatures created for the Project: ELITE universe from Artipia Games & Drawlab Entertainment.

"An alien invasion has brought mankind to its knees. We were not ready for this. Throughout the globe, people are still trying to stop the aliens. Our enemy is superior, but we need to fight back with all we've got. It is time to activate Project: ELITE. "

"In a post apocalyptic scenery, an alien civilization has invaded Earth. Players work together as part of a special ops team with the code name "ELITE". They are dispatched to high priority missions protecting objectives and defending vital targets against the alien invaders."

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