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Range: Aliens (Gale Force Nine) range

Aliens (Gale Force Nine) range

Range: Aliens (Gale Force Nine) range (Futuristic), Setting: Alien & Predator universe, Company: Gale Force Nine company, Production: 2020?- (work in progress)

The Aliens range of Futuristic miniatures are produced for the Aliens board game from Gale Force Nine company, set in the Alien & Predator universe (the setting of the Alien, Predator and Prometheus movies). First produced in 2020.

The Aliens board game miniatures are similar in scale and proportion to the Doctor Who and Firefly models, referenced as 30mm scale. (source: Gale Force Nine)

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Information - Aliens board game miniatures range (Gale Force Nine)

Gale Force Nine: Aliens: They're Coming Out Of The Walls: Article on the GF9 official website about the Aliens board game.

Gale Force Nine online store: Aliens: Official webstore of the GF9 Aliens board game.

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