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The Games Nexus Miniature Commission Database

Modelling and miniatures related commission services

Miniature painting commission services: If you don't like to paint, don't have the time or don't have the patience, there are others who can paint the miniatures of your collection.

Miniature assembly commission services: If you find it difficult to put models together, they can assemble and glue your miniatures for you.

Miniature sculpting commission services: When you really need a specific miniature, but you can't find it on the market, you can commission a sculptor to create it for you.

Miniature casting services: Do you have an own sculpt you'd like to have some copies of? You can cast as many as you want if you pay for casting services.

Miniature terrain making commission services: If you like realistic scenery but don't have time or patience to do it yourself, there are terrain makers to help you out.

Other miniature related commission services: There are some miniatures related services (conversions, basing, paint removal), I couldn't list anywhere else yet, so I list them here.

Second hand miniature trading services: They are for those who have miniatures or scenery that they don't need anymore or for those would you like to collect miniatures on a budget.

Miniature bits trading services: They offer small parts and bits for miniature modellers.