1/72 Historical

Italeri-Gaul warrior

Zvezda-Greek archer comparison images

Zvezda-Greek Hoplite comparison images

Zvezda-Russian knights archer


1/35 Historical

40mm high shepherd

54mm high soldier


Knight Models



Knight Models-Batman-Benjamin Orchard comparison images

Knight Models-Batman-Gotham Butcher comparison images

Knight Models-Batman-Strix comparison images

Knight Models-Batman-William Cobb comparison images

Knight Models-Batman-Xiao Luung comparison images



Mantic Games-DreadBall-Blaine Sponsor comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-The Warden comparison images

Convicts - Long Rock Lifers

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Convicts-Grogan Guard comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Convicts-Jack #1 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Convicts-Jack #2 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Convicts-Prone comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Convicts-Striker #1 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Convicts-Striker #2 comparison images

Free Agents / Renton Rejects

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Avaran Treebeast comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Jetari Training Drone GL14 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Jetari Training Drone SL22 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Pusk Rampager comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Vlorox Spinpede comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Yndij Reaver comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Yxaal Nameless Bloodsucker comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Zee Buccaneer #1 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Zee Buccaneer #2 comparison images

Kalyshi - Bremlin Nebulas

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Kalyshi-Jack #1 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Kalyshi-Jack #2 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Kalyshi-Prone comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Kalyshi-Striker #1 comparison images

Mantic Games-DreadBall-Kalyshi-Striker #2 comparison images


Games Workshop-Warhammer-Beastman X

Games Workshop-Warhammer-Bretonnian Bowman #1



Pigeon Guard Games-Big T comparison images

Renegade Miniatures-Orcs-Orc with spear #2

Wargames Factory-Shock Trooper comparison images


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