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Material: Polystyrene

Glue: For glueing Polystyrene parts you can use Toluene-based Polystyrene cement (or Acetone if you feel adventurous) to get a chemical bond (stronger than the physical bond of superglues).

Paint: You can use any kind of modelling paint on polystyrene miniatures.

Primer: Although you can paint over the polystyrene surface, it's useful to use primer before painting, especially on soft, flexible plastics. When they flex, they can break the layer of paint.

Polystyrene is sensitive to heat. Sometimes even hours of direct sunlight is enough to bend or deform the miniature. To fix the bent parts, put the bent parts into nearly boiling water for a few seconds. Hopefully it will bend back into its original shape. Then quickly dip it into cold water to keep that shape. The deformed parts might be permanent though, so be careful to put the model near a heat source.

Polystyrene (plastic)


soft Polystyrene

Transparent hard Polystyrene

Transparent soft Polystyrene

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

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