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Material: Bones polymer


Bones polymer is used for Reaper Bones miniatures from the Reaper Miniatures company. Some people suspect the material is PVC.

Glue: Use cyanoacrylate superglue to glue Bones minis. Some modellers reported succesful use of PVC cement on Bones miniatures. As it is not polystyrene, polystyrene cement won't hold it.

Painting: It's a slightly hydrophobic plastic, so it repels water, that makes it longer to dry and water based paints can just flow off the mini. If you intend to use water based paints, wash the minis and don't dilute the paints with water. If you'd like to dilute it, prime the mini before painting.

Primer: It is advertised they don't need primer before painting. Those who would like to use primer reported problems with aerosol spray primers.

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