Miniatures likeness: Alien & Predator likeness - M577 APC likeness

Alien vs Predatorimage © Fox Entertainment Group

Speeder bike in 1/56 scale - Space Elves Bike from Spellcrow, 2015image © Prodos Games

Miniatures likeness: Alien & Predator likeness - M577 APC likeness, Setting: Alien & Predator universe

Dimensions: The dimensions of the Aliens APC are hard to define, because the vehicle we see in the movie is bigger on the inside, so I use the outside dimensions, as those are easier to find.

Length: 8,6 m (9,2 m with turret down), Height: 2,2 m (2,8 m with turret up), Width: 3,4 m. Wheels: 1,6 m diameter.

Model dimensions: 1:72 scale: 11,9 cm long, 1:56 scale: 15,4 cm long, 1:50 scale: 17,2 cm long, 1:48 scale: 17,9 cm, 1:35 scale: 24,6 cm.

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