This is a collection of articles about painting miniature terrain and miniature vehicles. I've collected the resources, terrain and vehicle tutorials I've found interesting. 

Painting terrain

Rocks & hills

TheTerrainTutor: Realistic scenic rocks - Acrylic stippling technique: Tutorial video.


James Collard (BrushStroke): Tutorial: Sand Base (Facebook): Tutorial article about creating and painting sand.

Wooden surfaces

David Damek (from PLASMO - plastic models): Jak imitovat dřevo na plastikovém modelu (in Czech): Painting tutorial video.

Painting special effects

Painting special effects includes weathering, rust, scratches etc

Ede Kis: Using effects, tools, tips and tricks (in Hungarian): Tutorial article with lots of useful advice. (English Google Translate version)

Warlord Games - Painting: How to apply Winter Whitewash to your Bolt Action vehicles: Tutorial article about using Winter Whitewash.

Painting special effects - Method: Hairspray weathering

The Painting Frog: Hairspray weathering – Imperial Bastion painting tutorial: Painting tutorial article.

Painting special effects - Method: Salt weathering

The Painting Frog: Salt Weathering – Tutorial: Painting tutorial article.

Painting special effects - Method: Aquarelle crayons

David Damek (from PLASMO - plastic models): Weathering using aquarelle crayons- Great Guide Plastic Models: Tutorial video.

Painting special effects - Type: Rust

Alex (from MyCustomHotwheels): How To Rust Hotwheels & Diecast Cars: Tutorial article about rusting miniature cars. Some of the methods are specifically for diecast metal cars and involve real rusting instead of just painting it rusty.

David Damek (from PLASMO - plastic models): Různé techniky, jak imitovat rez (rust techniques)(in Czech): Tutorial video.

Painting buildings

MiniArt: Painting guides: Tutorial article about painting buildings, with lots of pictures and even some videos.

Painting polished marble

Peter Cooper: Marbling: Tutorial article about creating marble surface.

Painting brick and rock walls

The Army Painter: How to Speed Paint a Dungeon: Tutorial article about painting brown walls.

Tutorial: Painting Brick Walls: Tutorial article about painting red brick walls.

KorNat (from PinAtWar): How to build a castle: part IV - bricks&colour testing (in English and Polish): Tutorial article about painting stone bricks.

James Collard (BrushStroke): Tutorial: Sandstone (Facebook): Tutorial article about painting sandstone buildings.


Painting modern, high-tech and futuristic scenery

Janene (from MiniWarGaming): How To: Paint Control Panels: Painting tutorial video.

Painting props and scenery

Janene (from MiniWarGaming): How To: Paint a Dark Parchment Scroll: Painting tutorial video, using brush..

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Do you know further methods on painting miniature terrain and vehicles? Do you know other good sources? Tell us in the comments!



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