Article updated: 2018.01.29

Most miniature terrain includes some kind of trees. This article is a collection of articles about making trees for miniature games. I've collected the sources and tutorials I've found interesting.

Wargameterrain: How to: Jungle Trees: A tutorial about jungle trees.

Wargameterrain: How to: Inspiring Tree Ferns: A tutorial about tree ferns.

Mr. BUG-Man: Tutorial Sculpting Texture: Tutorial about texturing trees using putty.

Dale: Wooden Trees: An interesting approach for making model trees from wooden parts.

Lukes APS: Cheap Wargaming Trees (Tips and Talk Ep 5): A video about enhancing cheap toy trees with additional flocking.

Creating clump foliage

The Terrain Tutor: Cheap and easy clump foliage (Frugal Wargames Foliage): A very thorough and easy to understand video tutorial about creating foliage from composite foam or sponges.

Method - Branch & Flock

County Gate: HOW TO MODEL REALISTIC TREES AND PLANTS: A tutorial article that introduces the basics of creating miniature vegetation.

County Gate: HOW TO MODEL TREES: Tutorial article about creating model trees.

County Gate: HOW TO MODEL HEDGES: Tutorial article about creating model hedges.

Jez (for Table Top Games UK): Terrain Corner – Trees: Tutorial article about creating trees from Woodland Scenics armature and flock.

Jim Elster: Making Scenic Express SuperTrees: Tutorial video. He uses specific materials but I think it can be applied to other materials and tree types.

Glebe Road Junction: Making Realistic Trees!: Tutorial video.

Avian (from Avian): Making Trees: Tutorial article, using twigs.

Method - Wire trees

Articles about how you make wire trees built on wire frames. It's similar to the Branch & Flock method, but you create the shape of the branch using wire. It takes more time but it's more sturdy and lasts longer.

Bató Zsolt (BaTTka1): Metamorphosis - The way a wire changes into a tree (in Hungarian): Tutorial article with pictures to create wire trees.

EverythingFimo: Miniature Bonsai Tutorial-Polymer clay: Tutorial video, using polymer clay for the trunk, and lichen for the greens.

James Collard (BrushStroke): Tutorial: Trees (Facebook): Tutorial article.

TheTerrainTutor: Realistic Scenic Trees - Wire Armatures: Tutorial video.

Method - Pipe trees

How to make jungle trees as pipe trees, using pipes (or paper towel rolls) and wire (or strings of rope).

Dr Mathias: Dr Mathias's Arboreal Extravaganza - Gnarly Old Tree

der Müller: Large jungle trees (Facebook); Gallery of the trees (Facebook)

Type - Palm trees

Diether Etzel: Creating Palm trees in 1:35 scale: A tutorial article with images.

Type - Pine trees

Abysmal1: Making pine tree models (in Hungarian): A good tutorial for making pine trees using skewer sticks, cardboard, and sawdust.

Luke Towan: Modeling Realistic Pine Trees, Cheap! Fast! and Very Easy! – How-To – Model railroad: Tutorial video about creating Branch & Flock pine trees from branches of Foxtail Fern and green flock.

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Do you know any further methods for making trees for miniature games? Do you know other good sources? Tell us in the comments!


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