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  • Donation from Bukta "Vihar" Zoltán to the Nexus Club

    Donation from Bukta "Vihar" Zoltán

    Bukta "Vihar" Zoltán sent the Nexus Club a copy of the Hungarian version of the Descent boardgame. Although most of the miniatures are missing, these can be substituted from the collection of the club. He even painted the heroes for us! Thank you very much for the donation, we've been looking for this game for a long time!

  • Donation from Richard Blizzard to the Nexus Club

    Donation from Richard Blizzard

    Richard Blizzard was kind enough to give an Eldar gravtank and a scenery piece to the Nexus Club. This is our first Eldar vehicle, so I'll try to gather some Eldar minis to use with it! Although it's missing its tower and the cockpit window, I'll come up with something to make it whole. Thank you very much for this gift!

  • Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2016 miniatures convention (2016.01.30-31) - Event coverage

    Makettfesztivál 2016 Miskolc - The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) exhibitionMakettfesztivál Miskolc 2016 - The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) exhibition

    Article updated: 2020.02.19

    The Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2016 (Model Festival 2016) miniatures convention was held on 2016.01.30-31, in Miskolc. The Makettfesztivál Miskolc, built around the Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) modeling competition, is an annual modeling hobby event, organised by the Miskolci Makettezők Egyesülete (Modelers Association of Miskolc). An event coverage was written by Kadmon.

    The Nexus Club took part in the Makettfesztivál on both days, working closely with The Forge wargaming club. Sarkadi Sándor came from Debrecen to do a demonstration of the Kings of War, a fantasy tactical game from Mantic Games. For this event, wargaming boards were made by Kelemen Gábor and by the Scenery World Workshop.

  • Donation from Seri Ákos Tamás to the Nexus Club

    Donation from Seri Ákos Tamás

    Seri Ákos Tamás offered Nexus Club a huge collection of 1/72 scale WW2 miniatures. These will give squads for both Axis and Allies to play with! Thank you very much for this donation!

  • Donation from Aradi Gábor to the Nexus Club

    Donation from Aradi GáborChaos Dwarves from Games Workshop, from the Warhammer range

    Aradi Gábor gave the Nexus Club a nice scratch-built hut, and some Games Workshop miniatures from his collection. The Skaven ratman and the Chaos Dwarves from the Warhammer range will be a nice addition to our growing armies! The Skaven are older sculpts, a lot more cute than the recent, vile ones, so they can be used as humanoid mice too, for more child-friendly games. The miniatures came painted, and they look lovely! Thank you very much, we will put them to good use!

  • Donation from Antenociti's Workshop to the Nexus Club

    Donation from Antenociti's Workshop

    Antenociti's Workshop donated a big box of futuristic scenery for the use of Nexus Club. These are supposedly miscasts, but if that is true, they have very strict quality control, as they look flawless to me. We are grateful for these gifts, we will make good use of them in our sci-fi games!

  • Donation from the Victory Makett shop to the Nexus Club

    Donation from the Victory Makett shop

    The Victory Makett (Victory Makett webstore) modelling shop donated this lovely set of Space Marine for the Nexus Club. We express our gratitude to Sándor Borsi, who offered these miniatures from his own collection for the use of the community of our club. The needs of the Imperial players will be satisfied for a long time!

  • Donation from Dolozselek Csilla to the Nexus Club

    Dolozselek Csilla kindly donated a Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Battle for Skull Pass boxed set, and some hobby supplies (paints, brushes, Games Workshop basing materials). Most of the miniatures were also lovingly painted, as you can see from the photos. This gift gave us two full armies to play with, thank you very much!

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