Star Saga

Game system: Star Saga system, Gameplay resources: Star Saga gameplay resource

Forces: Captain Erika Dulinsky's Mercenaries vs Mazon Labs, Gameplay resources: -

Points: ?pt - miniatures from the Star Saga: The Eiras Contract Core Set

Force list:

  • Captain Erika Dulinsky's Mercenaries: Wrath, The Devil, Curby

Mission: Star Saga: The Eiras Contract: Mission B

Date: 2018.03.21. (uploaded)

Players: Andreas "the Norwegian Viking", / ? (Mercenaries), ? (Nexus)


STF Wargaming studio: STF Plays Star Saga - Episode 2 - Introductary Scenario B: Gameplay video, Mission #2.



"In the second introductary scenario we meet 3 new characters and are introduced to a host of new abilities and weapons. Join us as we continue our Star Saga."

Features: Star Saga gameplay resource

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