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Game system: DreadBall Ed2 system (DreadBall system), Gameplay resources: DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource (DreadBall gameplay resource)

Forces: Pelgar Mystics (Judwan) vs Shan-Meeg Starhawks (Asterian), Gameplay resources: Pelgar Mystics (Judwan) vs Shan-Meeg Starhawks (Asterian)

Points: ?

Mission: basic match

Date: 2018.03.26 (uploaded)

Players: ? (Pelgar Mystics), ? (Shan-Meeg Starhawks)


Clash of the Dice: DreadBall v2 Asterians vs Judwan: Gameplay video.

"We received a request from a viewer to do a DBv2 game with Asterians, so here you go.   NB: I forgot to make extra Fan Checks resulting from the "Show Off" ability of the Asterian Strikers, so this video may not be an accurate reflection of the true potential of this team."


DreadBall gameplay resource, DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource,

DreadBall-Pelgar Mystics (Judwan) gameplay resource, DreadBall-Shan-Meeg Starhawks (Asterian) gameplay resource,

DreadBall Ed2 - Pelgar Mystics (Judwan) vs Shan-Meeg Starhawks (Asterian) Gameplay

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