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Game system: DreadBall Ed2 system (DreadBall system), Gameplay resources: DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource (DreadBall gameplay resource)

Forces: Matsudo Tectonics (Matsudan) vs New Eden Revenants (Cyborg), Gameplay resources: Matsudo Tectonics (Matsudan) vs New Eden Revenants (Cyborg)

Points: ?

Mission: basic match

Date: 2018.03.29 (uploaded)

Players: johnlyons (New Eden Revenants (Cyborg) - home), Sam Poots (dracs) (Matsudo Tectonics (Matsudan) - visitor)


johnlyons (from Beasts of War): DreadBall 2nd Edition: Matsudo Tectonics Vs New Eden Revenants: Gameplay video.

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"I’m playing the Matsudo Tectonics, the samurai lizardmen, whereas John will be facing me down with the corrupted new lives of the New Eden Revenants brought back from beyond the grave to play DreadBall until they are no more."


DreadBall gameplay resource, DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource,

DreadBall-Matsudo Tectonics (Matsudan) gameplay resource, DreadBall-New Eden Revenants (Cyborg) gameplay resource,

DreadBall Ed2 - Matsudo Tectonics (Matsudan) vs New Eden Revenants (Cyborg) Gameplay

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