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Game system: DreadBall Ed2 system (DreadBall system), Gameplay resources: DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource (DreadBall gameplay resource)

Forces: Draconis All-Stars (NeoBot) vs Ninth Moon Tree Sharks (Yndij), Gameplay resources: Draconis All-Stars (NeoBot) vs Ninth Moon Tree Sharks (Yndij)

Points: ?

Mission: basic match

Date: 2018.03.27 (uploaded)

Players: johnlyons (Draconis All-Stars - home), Sam Poots (dracs) (Ninth Moon Tree Sharks - visitor)


johnlyons (from Beasts of War): DreadBall 2nd Edition: Draconis All-Stars Vs Ninth Moon Tree Sharks: Gameplay video.

the video on YouTubeŁ

"Today Sam and myself are met with Rob from Mantic Games to face off on the pitch of DreadBall Second Edition. I’ll be playing the Draconis All-Stars and Sam will be facing me off with his Ninth Moon Tree Sharks, who will appear the victor in the crowds this evening?  Who can score the most points and who will be the fool to get caught for fouling, tune in to find out!"


DreadBall gameplay resource, DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource,

DreadBall-Draconis All-Stars (NeoBot) gameplay resource, DreadBall-Ninth Moon Tree Sharks (Yndij) gameplay resource,

DreadBall Ed2 - Draconis All-Stars (NeoBot) vs Ninth Moon Tree Sharks (Yndij) Gameplay

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