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Game system: DreadBall Ed2 system (DreadBall system), Gameplay resources: DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource (DreadBall gameplay resource)

Forces: Draconis All-Stars (NeoBot) vs New Eden Revenants (Cyborg), Gameplay resources: Draconis All-Stars (NeoBot) vs New Eden Revenants (Cyborg)

Points: ?

Mission: basic match

Date: 2018.05.10 (uploaded)

Players: Justin Mc Auley (dignity) (Draconis All-Stars), Rob Burman (New Eden Revenants (Cyborg))


Justin Mc Auley (dignity)(for Beasts of War): Let’s Play: DreadBall – Draconis All Stars VS New Eden Revenants: Gameplay video, Draconis All-Stars vs New Eden Revenants (Cyborg).

the video on YouTube§

"Today we’re joined by Rob from Mantic Games to play some more DreadBall 2nd Edition. Rob is facing off with his vintage upcycled New Eden Revenants team thinking his New Age tech will gain him the advantage on the playing fields. We’ve recruited the Draconis All-Stars to fuel our shiny syndrome for a little while longer. Who will win in this matchup?"


DreadBall gameplay resource, DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource,

DreadBall-Draconis All-Stars (NeoBot) gameplay resource, DreadBall-New Eden Revenants (Cyborg) gameplay resource,

DreadBall Ed2 - Draconis All-Stars (NeoBot) vs New Eden Revenants (Cyborg) Gameplay

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