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Game system: DreadBall Ed2 system (DreadBall system), Gameplay resources: DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource (DreadBall gameplay resource)

Forces: Chromium Chargers (Robot) vs Locust City Chiefs (Z'zor), Gameplay resources: Chromium Chargers (Robot) vs Locust City Chiefs (Z'zor)

Points: ?

Mission: basic match

Date: 2018.01.11 (uploaded)

Players: Jez (Chromium Chargers), Rob (Locust City Chiefs)


Weight of Fire: DreadBall 2 match report - Locust City Chiefs vs Chromium Chargers: Gameplay video, Chromium Chargers vs Locust City Chiefs.Ł

"In this Dreadball version 2 match report Rob from the Dreadball Rules Committee takes his Z'zor against Jez's Meta-Bots.  We have kept the game at full length to show off as many of the rules as possible but if you want to cut straight to the action jump to 45mins in.  Enjoy"


DreadBall gameplay resource, DreadBall Ed2 gameplay resource,

DreadBall-Chromium Chargers (Robot) gameplay resource, DreadBall-Locust City Chiefs (Z'zor) gameplay resource,

DreadBall Ed2 - Chromium Chargers (Robot) vs Locust City Chiefs (Z'zor) Gameplay

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