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Termékcsalád: World of Twilight

World of Twilight

Termékcsalád: World of Twilight (Fantasy), Cég: World of Twilight, Méretarány: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) scale, Figura arány: Heroic scale / Realistic

"Welcome to Anyaral, a world steeped in history, where the once mighty have fallen and their slaves are victorious - at least for now. A world which echoes with the countless gentle hoofsteps of the diminutive but resilient Fubarnii, whose Empire spans the continent of vast plains where traders and strange beasts roam ever watchful of the fast limbs and savage claws of the Devanu, that proud race who now scavenge on the edges of a world they once ruled. A world where others feel that now is the time to stake a claim. This is the world of Twilight."

A World of Twilight (Alkonyat világa) egy 28mm-es méretarányú Fantasy figura termékcsalád, amit Mike Thorp fejleszt. A World of Twilight taktikai játékot és a figurákat a World of Twilight készíti.

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