If you are trading miniatures in bulk or buy used lots of minis, you sometimes end up with miniatures that do not really fit your collection. I've collected some ideas what to do with them, if you don't want to spend time to get rid of them.

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Miniatures - A question of size and scale - Explaining miniature size and miniature scale
Zombie figures of different miniature scales

Updated: 2020.01.23

Knowing the size and proportions of a miniature is important if you have an established collection you'd like to expand. Determining niniature size and miniature scale is often hard, as even the producing companies use confusing scale references.

While browsing through websites of companies that produce miniatures I often run into articles that are either trying to explain miniature scales the wrong way or complain that their customers demand to know what scale and size their products are.


Miniature scales

Relative scale

Absolute scale

Relative "absolute" scale

Miniature proportions

Realistic proportions

Heroic scale proportions

Top-down proportions

Chibi proportions

Power proportions

Matching miniatures and scenery

Vehicle sizes and miniatures with bases

Miniature size & scales - Resources

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In wargames the miniatures depict the people who fight battles. It depends on your philosophy how do they appear on the table.

The appearance of the miniature will be most important if the character you are trying to paint wears uniform or camouflage.

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Before you start painting your models, you have to come up with a design concept for them.

There are several questions you need to answer. Most painters just start painting and figure these out through the years, but it will take you less repaints if you plan ahead.

Appearance - Uniform & camouflage

Appearance - Gun barrels

Basing miniatures



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Dioramas are small scenes created with miniatures. Here you can find a collection of articles about dioramas. I've collected the sources and diorama tutorials I've found interesting. 

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This is a list of several kinds of terrain that could be used for miniature games.

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Miniatures - Painting miniatures - Resources

Article updated: 2020.04.23

This is a collection of articles about painting miniatures. I've collected the resources and painting tutorials I've found interesting.

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Article updated: 2020.03.27

This is a collection of articles about making hills for miniature games, creating modular terrain hills, painting rocky surfaces.

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Article updated: 2020.03.26

This is a collection of articles about painting miniature terrain and miniature vehicles. I've collected the resources, terrain and vehicle tutorials I've found interesting.

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