How to use brush-on liquid cyanoacrylate glue - Miniature hobby guide
How to use brush-on liquid cyanoacrylate glue - Miniature hobby guide
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Article updated: 2017.05.15

Liquid cyanoacrylate glue is a useful addition to a lots of gaming related activities. Normal, gel-like Cyanoacrylate glue (CA glue) is known and used by every modeller as a superglue to attach different materials. However, during conversations I realized there are several people who don't know the benefits of brush-on liquid cyanoacrylate glues, so I collected some of my ideas.

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Removing paint from miniatures - Miniature hobby guideRemoving paint from miniatures - Miniature hobby guide

Article updated: 2020.03.08

Stripping paint off miniatures is useful when you want to remove a previous paintjob from your miniature. Sometimes you wish to change the paint scheme of the miniature or just get rid of the previous layers of paint. There are several ways to strip paint from your miniatures. I've collected my thought on removing paint from miniatures.

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Miniatures - Casting miniatures - Copying existing miniatures - Laws, licences and legality

Article updated: 2019.11.21

When someone creates a miniature, they have the copyright to the mini, that is, the right to create copies of it. Creating copies without the permission of the copyright owner is illegal.

If a sculptor wants to copy the designs of an existing intellectual property (IP), they need the IP holder's permission to do that. The way you create this copy (recast, 3D print, papercraft) doesn't matter in this regard. Copying the original designs without the licence is illegal. The law protects every design for a number of years. After it has passed, you can use the design to sculpt or print your own model, but you still can't make physical copies of the originals.

I've seen several opinions and question on the internet about the legalities of copying miniatures, so I've collected some of them.

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Cavalry bases for miniatures

Article updated: 2020.04.04

I've collected the different ways to base your miniatures. Although you can choose your own style, sometimes the ruleset of your chosen game dictates the stand shape or basing style you can use.

For further information on how to base your miniatures:

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Papercraft terrain & scenery are often used to create cheap wargames props. I collected some sources with free to use papercraft files.

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Article updated: 2018.01.23

I've gathered some painting tips you might find useful. The material from this article has been moved to other painting related articles.

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Miniatures - Miniature related definitionsMiniatures - Miniature related definitions

I've gathered some miniature related definitions that are useful to know when you work with miniatures.

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