Miniatures - Painting miniatures - Acrylic paints

These are the most important things you need to know if you use acrylic paints for painting your models.

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Miniatures - Transporting your miniatures collection - Miniature hobby guide

There comes the time when you'd like to transport your collection of miniatures - perhaps for a painting competition or for a wargaming event.

I've gathered some thought about methods to carry your army of miniatures safely around.

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Creating crystal terrain for miniatures

I've collected some ideas and resources about creating pieces of crystal terrain for your miniatures.

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How to paint visually interesting undead miniatures - Miniature painting guide

Painting undead is not easy, even if you've mastered painting dead flesh. I've collected my thoughts on the subject of painting miniature zombies and other undead.

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Using glue - Miniature hobby guide
image © Loctite

Glues are used to stick parts of the miniatures together. There are several kinds of glues you can use for modelling.

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Materials miniatures are made of

Miniatures come in several different materials. I've collected the differences between them.

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