Fiction writing & publishing - Resources

I've collected the resources and writing tutorials for fiction writers I've found interesting. 


Writing - Resources

Cyriaque Lamar (for Gizmodo): The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar: Article about guidelines for writing good stories worthy of publishing.§

Shea (for Cracked): 22 Storytelling Tips From Pixar: The above article in infographics form.§

Writing for children

Maxwell King (for The Atlantic): Mister Rogers Had a Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Children: Article about guidelines for writing fiction for children.

Shea (for Cracked): Mr. Rogers' Strict Behind-The-Scenes Rules: The above article in infographics form.§

Publishing your fiction

Fiction publishing - Resources

Mark Hill (for Cracked): 5 Reasons Gaming Is Being Ruined By Hype For Its Games: Article about marketing your games. It might be useful for fiction publishing too.

Kirk Dennison (for The Indie Game Report): Publishing Insights: Taxes: Article about taxes and deductions. A must read for US publishers, and useful ideas for others.§

Publishing your fiction - Crowdfunding

Fiction publishing - Crowdfunding - Resources

Letiman Games (for The Indie Game Report): Lesson #12 – 4 Reasons Your Campaign Failed: Tutorial article about publishing games through crowdfunding. The advice is also useful for fiction publishers.§

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Do you have further ideas or experiences about fiction writing or fiction publishing? Do you know other good sources? Tell us in the comments!


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