Seuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by KadmonSeuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by Kadmon
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Article updated: 2020.06.26

The Alone (2017) is a mystery / thriller film. The movie was reviewed by Kadmon.

Product: Seuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by Kadmon

Original title: Seuls, English title: Alone

Series: -

Setting: alternate Earth

Product type: Film, Genre: Mystery / thriller, Style: thriller

Release: 2017.02.08

Reviewer: Kadmon, Type: Male, 40s, Taste: Immersive, logical story, consistent setting, prefers surprises

Watched: very recent (2020.05), first time

Rating: Average (2 out of 3 points), Enjoyment: Average (2 out of 3 points)

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This is my review of Seuls / Alone, a mystery / thriller movie from 2017. It's about a kids left alone in a city, trying to find out what to do. The Alone film is slow, but the story is interesting.

If you'd like to be surprised by the Alone film, I don't recommend you to watch the trailer beyond 0:50, because it gives away too much of the plot. It basically provides a summary of the film, up to the ending scene.

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Review (spoiler-free) - Alone movie

I'm not sure where I've heard about the Seuls / Alone movie, but it caught my interest, and went on my "to watch" list. When I had the chance, I watched it. I probably didn't watch the trailer, I don't remember.

The Alone movie is about a group of kids left alone in a city, and trying to find out what happened, and why are they there.

The characters are not well-developed. The actors are good, their play is mostly believable, although there are some scenes that feel forced.

Some reviewers of the Alone film were not satisfied with the acting abilities of the kids, feeling them fake, but I think that's not entirely true. These kids do not know each other, and they are completely alone. I feel it justified that the characters start to act in a way they think would work the best, and they all try to pretend to be more adult than they are.

However, the lack of characterization is true. The characters are bland and static. We don't get to know practically anything about them, but the story works well enough even without that. Their lack of change is more of a problem in the narrative structure.

The Alone movie is slow, and it builds up to some large reveal, but then it amps it up with another reveal, that leads into a cliffhanger.

Alone is a strange mystery film, probably not satisfying the needs of everyone.

My experience

I enjoyed most of the Alone film.

Rating: Average (2- out of 3 points). Technically it's okay, the Alone movie is watchable.

Enjoyment: Average (2- out of 3 points). Alone was slow, but it was interesting up to the end.

Chance of watching it again: There's a chance. Now that I know the story, there's probably no need to watch it again, but I liked it enough that I might watch it in the right circustances.

Rewatchability: I'm not sure. I think it's mostly the surprise of the story that makes you feel interested.

Seuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by KadmonSeuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by Kadmon
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Will you enjoy this?

If you like mystery or thriller movies, you might like Alone.

If you like alternate world (supernatural, alien abduction, reality simulation) movies, you might be interested in the Alone film, although you might interpret the plot however you want.

If you prefer horror or action thriller movies (Langoliers, Nightmare on Elm Street, 28 Days Later), this is probably not for you. There are not many action scenes or scary scenes in the Alone movie.

Watching for plot points

If you are interested in mystery, I think it's worth watching the Alone movie for the plot points. It has a couple of unpredictable twists.

Seuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by KadmonSeuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by Kadmon
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Review with spoilers - Alone movie

I mostly liked the Alone movie.

The Alone film is an adaptation of the first cycle of a comic book series (Seuls), so it's not surprising the movie is not a closed story, but I'd preferred it that way. Another loose adaptation of the story, by a different team, is Seuls Two, that - despite the title -, is not the sequel of the Seuls (Alone) movie.

Plot summary

A girl goes into a circus at night, then wakes up the next morning, and her parents are missing. Walking around the city, she finds a couple of kids. They try to look for help. They find it out that there's someone who tries to hurt them. They also see that some kind of grey mist surrounds the whole city.

They decide to leave the city through the mist when they make radio contact with someone that promises them help. Later that night, one of the kids is kidnapped. When they go to a place to meet the demands of the captor, a kid gets killed. They find there someone, who they consider to be the killer, and take him to their hiding place. They bury their dead friend. Later, they realise their captive is a kid with Down syndrome, so he is probably not the mastermind behind their problems. They also realise that the radio messages came from the killer, so they track the background noise to the circus. They confront the killer, just to find out that he is a kid, who died a couple of years ago, and all of the kids are also dead. They died when fire broke out in the circus, killing all of them. Also, they don't stay dead any more, so they have to dig out the kid that was killed.

They decide again to leave the city, and drive a car through the fog. They arrive in another city, where only kids live, and they worship the killer as their leader.

The setting

The Alone film is set in a copy of a contemporary Earth city, where everyone has left, but the protagonists. A grey cloud encompasses the city.

On the other side of the cloud, there's another, similar city.

The message of the story

I'm not sure there's one.

The structure of the story

The scenes of the Alone film are mostly played in sequence, except for a couple of flashbacks. It has the usual arc of the dramatic structure, but instead of a resolution, we get a cliffhanger.

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Things I liked

  • The look of the empty city

* * *

How does it compare to the other works of the creators?

I think I haven't seen any other works of the writer/director (David Moreau).

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Seuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by KadmonSeuls / Alone, movie (2017) - Film review by Kadmon
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Problems with the story - Alone movie

There are not many things I dislike.

The fact that they are all dead is not that unique, there are already plenty of movies with the same premise.

Elements I find problematic

  • The scene when the kid offers to have sex with the girls: I didn't think it was funny, and for me, it broke the mood of the story. I'd probably cut it from the film, as it doesn't have any consequences, nor does it foreshadow anything.
  • They left the kid with Down syndrome: When he was shot, he didn't die. Yet, the main characters don't try to find him or help him any more, without any reason given.

The resolution

I don't particularly like the end of the movie. It gives us the possibility of a sequel, but I'd had preferred a more complete story, with maybe a hint of the sequel. I was afraid that the makers will just end abruptly when the kids drive into the mist, so it's a plus point that they didn't, but I'm still not satisfied with this.

The trailer

The trailer spells out a large part of the story. It also shows the ending scene, so if you watch the trailer, you already know they will leave to city, and they'll find another community of kids.

Unanswered questions

The story was intentionally left vague.

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Possibilities of improvement

How it could have been better?

There should be a resolution of some kind, instead of the cliffhanger.

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Buying the product - Alone movie


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Have you seen the Alone film? How do you like the movie? Would you recommend it to others? Do you know reviews or resources you'd like to add? What further thoughts do you have about it? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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