Guns Akimbo, movie (2019) - Film review by KadmonGuns Akimbo, movie (2019)
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Article updated: 2020.06.26

The Guns Akimbo (2019) is a action comedy film. The movie was reviewed by Kadmon.

Product: Guns Akimbo (2019)

Original title: Guns Akimbo

Series: -

Setting: futuristic Earth

Product type: Film, Genre: Action comedy, Style: action, near future

Release: 2019.09.09 festival premiere / 2020.03.05

Reviewer: Kadmon, Type: Male, 40s, Taste: Immersive, logical story, consistent setting, prefers surprises

Watched: very recent (2020.04), first time

Rating: Good (3 out of 3 points), Enjoyment: Better than average (2+ out of 3 points)

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This is my review of Guns Akimbo, an action comedy movie from 2020. It's about a a programmer, who gets involved in a game where either he kills his hunter, or he gets killed. The film is good, the action is great. I recommend the Guns Akimbo film.

If you'd like to be surprised, I don't recommend you to watch the following trailer, because it spoils the first 90% of the movie, so the only "surprise" you'll get is whether or not the protagonist will defeat the villain. And I'm pretty sure that won't be a surprise. I'd say you should stop at the 1:00 mark, that will give you enough information.

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Review (spoiler-free) - Guns Akimbo movie

I haven't heard much about the Guns Akimbo film, but I've seen the trailer, and liked the concept. When I was given a chance, I've watched it. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have watched the trailer, because it spoiled most of twists in the movie.

The Guns Akimbo film is about a a programmer, who gets involved in a game where either he kills his hunter, or he gets killed. He also gets a pistol bolted on each of his hands, hence the title.

The story is not very complicated, but it is executed proficiently. The structure is well crafted, the writing and directing is good. The characters are relatable, and they also look interesting. The actors fit into their roles. The humour is a little crude sometimes, some might consider it tasteless, but I liked the jokes and funny elements.

The visuals are good. The action of the Guns Akimbo film is very good, with a lot of variety through the movie. It's over the top, stylized, similar to a 1990s comic book. There's a lot of blood and cruelty, so I'd recommend the movie for a more mature audience.

The music is great, it is based on remixes of 1980s-1990s rock hits. It might just be nostalgia, but for a guy who was brought up, listening to music like that, it fits me fine.

Every aspect of the movie is good. I'd say it's a great action comedy.

My experience

I enjoyed the movie. I recommend this to the right audience.

Rating: Good (3 out of 3 points). The cinematic aspects of the movie are great.

Enjoyment: Better than average (2+ out of 3 points). I liked the Guns Akimbo film a lot. The only reason I don't give this a 3/3 score is that it didn't have a deep message that would resonate with me.

Chance of watching it again: Sure. It will probably take some time, but in the right circumstances, I'd like to watch the Guns Akimbo film again.

Rewatchability: High. I think that if you really love these kind of action movies, and you liked the film for first viewing, you'll like to watch it more than once.

Guns Akimbo, movie (2019) - Film review by KadmonGuns Akimbo, movie (2019)
image © Guns Akimbo

Will you enjoy this?

If you like action movies, you might like this one. I sure did. The Guns Akimbo film is similar to the Crank movies in style.

If you prefer highly realistic action movies, this might not be the right movie for you. The action is over-the-top, highly stylized, often unrealistic.

Watching for plot points

The movie is not about the plot, but the over-the-top action scenes.

Guns Akimbo, movie (2019) - Film review by KadmonGuns Akimbo, movie (2019)
image © Guns Akimbo

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Review with spoilers - Guns Akimbo movie

It's a great movie. I can't really add anything to my non-spoiler part in this regard.

Plot summary

A slacker, Miles, gets in an online fight with a mob boss, so they get him, and fix a gun in each of his hands. He is told that he will be hunted by Nix, a renowned killer, but he'll be free if he kills Nix. The whole thing is going to be broadcasted by flying drones filming everything. Nix bursts into his house, but he managed to escape. He continues to escape from each of the fights, but Nix continues the hunt. He runs into cops, who try to arrest him, but escapes from them too. Finally, the cops catch him. One of the cops tells him, that Nix is his daughter, and wants to catch her to save her. However it turn out that the other cop is on the side of the mobster, so he shoots his partner, and leaves Miles, so he could continue the game. Meanwhile, the mobsters take the ex-girlfriend of Miles as a hostage.

Miles arrenges a meeting with Nix, and they decide that she pretends to kill him, to end the game. Miles puts up the bulletproof vest of the dead cop, Nix shoots him, and she is announced as a winner. Later they join at the headquarters of the mob boss, and start to kill everybody. Nix sacrifices herself, so Miles can save his ex-girlfriend, and kill the mob boss.

The setting

Contemporary Earth, probably an alternate Earth, or in the near future.

The message of the story

I'm not sure there's one. Probably "don't mess with mobsters". Or "don't mess with mobsters, unless you have guns".

There's one guide in it how to shoot straight with the gun, and another advice on how to commit suicide with it.

The structure of the story

The whole story of the Guns Akimbo film is told in retrospect, but after the introduction, most of the scenes are played in sequence, with the exception of a flashbacks near 1 hour. It has the usual arc of the dramatic structure.

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Things I liked

  • The characters look fun. Miles is goofy. Nova is beautiful. Riktor is badass. The mobsters all looked unique.
  • The scene with the homeless guy was funny.

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How does it compare to the other works of the creators?

I haven't seen anything from the writer/director (Jason Lei Howden). But now I'm interested in his work.

* * *

Guns Akimbo, movie (2019) - Film review by KadmonGuns Akimbo, movie (2019)
image © Guns Akimbo

Problems with the story - Guns Akimbo movie

All of my problems were minute details about the physics, but I don't think they would really detract from a movie like this. The film starts with a realistic approach, but right after Nix gets involved in the story, reality is forgotten in exchange for cool looking scenes.

The basic concept - gun bolted to hand - feels impossible to me in real life. Even a small damage is very painful on the hand right after the injury, even pumped full of painkillers. Running is incredibly painful. Shooting a gun is out of question. I've never tried that, but I suppose the shock could take him out cold. So, we must conclude that he is some kind of superhero, or his asthma medication makes him impervious to pain.

The plot shield is also strong with Miles. The antagonists in the movie are all grizzled fighters, and we see them able to shoot skilled targets. Yet, when confronted with our unskilled programmer, they manage to miss him all through the movie. However, if we really got a realistic film, it would end right after Nix enters his apartman, and shoots him right between the eyes. And that wouldn't make an entertaining movie.

On most review sites, the scores of the movie are low. Some reviewers are not satisfied with the pacing, but for me, it was perfect, at least for the first viewing. I might change my mind after I've watched the movie a couple of times. Others miss the deeper meaning, but I never though there would be one in an action flick like this.

Less satisfactory elements

  • The flashback: The only thing that bothered me was the flashback in the middle. Up until that point we got an immersive experience, seeing the story mostly through the eyes of the protagonist, in the sequence they happened. Hiding the meeting between the two characters is a bit of a cheating. The viewers probably guessed that they will team up, especially those, who have seen the trailer or promotional pictures that show them together
  • The revenge plan: Miles wants to get out of the game by playing dead. That's great. However, he couldn't have known what will the henchmen do to him, where will they take him. The only reason he waited that patiently, is to forward to plot to the warehouse. Also, as the police also monitored the game, they probably also sent a team there, probably before the bad guys did.
  • The killing of the coworker: I'm not sure we needed that scene. The viewers probably already knew that it won't be his ex-girlfriend. However, I don't feel that killing his coworker fits the theme of the story.

Unanswered questions

I was satisfied by the Guns Akimbo film, I don't have unanswered questions.

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Possibilities of improvement

  • Changing the viewer statistics: It's not easy to remember the number of viewers we were shown previously. It would have been helpful to also show the growth, for example "+5% in the last 30 minutes", that would have been helpful for the audience.
  • Cutting the "30 minutes to find Nova" plot: Cut the part when the crooked policeman tells Miles about it. Cut the whole meeting, with the shooting of the coworker. Go straight to Miles switching on his signal to meet with Nix. This way we spare a couple of out of place moments for the viewers, when they see the killed coworker. The scene in the arcade was not bad, it might fit somewhere else in the film.
  • Changing the flashback: Instead of meeting in a flashback, after the showdown, they just meet normally. They end the meeting with Miles telling her "One shot", then cut to the first scene, where Miles greets her, then -cutting the dialog- Nix shoots him eight times, and leaves him. This would also leave the viewer confused a bit, until we see how things work out.
  • Changing the revenge plan: Instead of waiting for what will happen, when Miles lays there, the drone files off, then cut to Miles and Nix meeting at the warehouse gate. I'm pretty sure the audience can fill the missing part without showing them.

How it could have been better?

I'm not sure it could be.

Many people miss the physical reality from the Guns Akimbo film, but sticking to that would prevent the plot from happening. As this is an otherwise fun movie - despite the fact that it's far from real -, I don't think any major change could improve on it.

Guns Akimbo, movie (2019) - Film review by KadmonGuns Akimbo, movie (2019)
image © Guns Akimbo

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Buying the product - Guns Akimbo movie


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