Grave Encounters 2, movie (2012) - Film review by KadmonGrave Encounters 2 movie (2012)

Article updated: 2020.06.26

The Grave Encounters 2 is a horror film. The movie was reviewed by Kadmon.

Product: Grave Encounters 2 movie (2012)

Original title: Grave Encounters 2

Series: Grave Encounters

Previous films in the series: Grave Encounters movie (2011)

Product type: Film, Genre: Horror, Style: video mashup, handheld camera, shaky cam, bad editing, ghosts

Release: 2012.10.02

Reviewer: Kadmon, Type: Male, 40s, Taste: Immersive, logical story, consistent setting, prefers surprises

Watched: very recent (2017.06), first time

Rating: Very bad (1- out of 3 points), Enjoyment: Very bad (1- out of 3 points)

This is my review of Grave Encounters 2 movie, a horror movie from 2012. It's a video mashup about a film crew investigating the events of the first movie. This is even worse than the first one, I don't recommend the Grave Encounters 2 film to anyone.

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Review (spoiler-free) - Grave Encounters 2 movie

I watched the first movie because I was told it would be a good one. I watched this movie because I don't learn from my mistakes. I don't think I've watched the trailer for the film.

The Grave Encounters 2 film is a video mashup about a film crew investigating the events of the first movie (Grave Encounters movie (2011)).

Unlike the first film, the beginning is solid, it's one of the best parts of the movie. (It was the second best part of the movie for me.) The tempo and quality however is very uneven, you can clearly point out better and worse parts.

As the whole thing just happened without any real story behind it, and that would have been important for me, I couldn't really enjoy the film, but I can imagine others might do.

My experience

For me, the best part of the film was the music during the end credits, it was entertaining. There were also some seconds that featured girls that were nice to look at.

Rating: Very bad (1- out of 3 points)

Enjoyment: Very bad (1- out of 3 points). It was not that bad that I'd switch the movie off, but I didn't like watching it.

Chance of watching it again: No way. It was bad enough that I've spent the time to watch it once.

Rewatchability: Good. If you liked the film for the first time, you probably liked it because of the atmosphere, not the plot.

* * *

Will you enjoy this?

If you like found footage films with no story, you could.

If you enjoyed the Grave Encounters movie (2011), you might be interested in this story.

If you get through the first 20 minutes of the Grave Encounters 2 film still interested, you might enjoy this film. The beginning for few minutes might be misleading, because those are good, wait until they start the investigation.

Watching for plot points

If you are only watching this film because you are curious whether it has some interesting scary background story - it doesn't. I can't even really tell if it has a story at all.

Do you need to see the first film to enjoy this?

There's enough explanation that you'll understand what's going on without seeing the first film.

However as I think this film is somewhat inferior to the previous one, I feel that watching the Grave Encounters movie (2011) before this would improve your experience of Grave Encounters 2 movie (2012).

Grave Encounters 2, movie (2012) - Film review by KadmonGrave Encounters 2 movie (2012)

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Review with spoilers - Grave Encounters 2 movie

I don't think there is anything worth mentioning about this film that would spoil anything.

I felt that the most creative part was the first few minutes with the video reviewers. Those got their own review style, footage resolution, aspect ratio. It really felt there was some work put into this segment.

Plot summary

The events of the previous film (Grave Encounters movie) were made public, and it's been a cult hit. Some of the fans try to look behind the making of the film, and realise it's been a found footage movie. They meet with crew members, and start investigating. They are contacted online by someone who sends them evidence that one of the missing people is still alive, and that person wants to meet them in the hospital where the story was filmed. They realise during a Quija-board session that their informant was a supernatural entity. They get back to their hotel, but the elevator sends them back to the hospital. Strange things happen, they meet one of the survivors of the film crew, trapped in the hospital, and he tells them the evil doctor from the first movie was doing supernatural experiments, that is why they are trapped. He tells them they need to finish the film, by a human sacrifice. After a while they agree to do it, and the last survivor gets out of the hospital. The film gets published.

The setting

Grave Encounters is most likely set in alternate reality where supernatural entities exist.

The message of the story

I'm not sure there's a message. If there's any, it's probably "it's okay to sacrifice your mates if it helps to finish your movie". Or "don't trust doctors".

The structure of the story

The scenes are played in sequence. The story has the usual dramatic structure - introduction, action, resolution.

* * *

How does it compare to the other works of the creators?

I don't know, I haven't seen anything else from them, beyond the Grave Encounters films.

How does it compare to the other films in the series?

It's worse than the first one (Grave Encounters movie).

* * *

Possibilities of improvement

Improving this would require better men than I am.

How it could have been better?

I'm pretty sure the camera work was intentionally bad. Considering the previous works of the camera crew I'm also pretty sure that they would have achieved a semi-amateur looking effect without any additional work. And that would have been all that would have made it an average film.

Grave Encounters 2, movie (2012) - Film review by KadmonGrave Encounters 2 movie (2012)

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