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I've collected the sources and miniatures related websites I've found interesting.

Miniatures websites

Benno's Figures Forum: Forum for miniature collectors and gamers.

Generic articles

Roleplaying Tips - 29 Minis Tips For The Frugal Gamer: Miniatures on a budget.¤

Roleplaying Tips - Where can I find cheap minis online?: Links to online stores.¤


The Army Painter: Painting guides.

1:72 scale miniatures websites

Paul's Bods - 1:72 scale manufacturers and sites list

Plastic Soldier Review ( Reviews of 1:72 scale plastic military models.

1/72 Depot ( Reviews of 1:72 scale and some 28mm miniatures.

Paul's Bods ( Reviews and painted examples of 1:72 miniatures.

1/72 Multiverse ( Comparison shots of 1:72 scale fantasy miniature sizes.

Cheap Fantasy Minis ( Comparison shots of 1:72 scale fantasy miniature sizes.

Benno's Figures Forum - 20mm & 1:72 scale

Miniatures & wargames

These websites are usually a mix of modelling and gaming.

Terepasztalos és egyéb stratégiai játékok - Tabletop wargames and other strategy games (in Hungarian): The website of Kelemen Gábor (MeyilKree).

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Plastic Fantastic (in Hungarian): The website of Lehoczky Tamás (Zirrian). (2020: The website is offline.)

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Gates of Hell: A Tápos és a Fluffos - Gates of Hell: The Beardy and the Fluffy (in Hungarian): The website of Sarkadi Sándor (Kaba).

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Warhammer & wargame blog (in Hungarian): The website of Ladislaus, Nagy Péter (Petrow), and tengerSAM. Inactive since 2015.

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DrCsernus Wargame Blogja (in Hungarian): The website of KerekPerec and Nagy Péter (Petrow). Inactive since 2015.

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Karosszék tábornok (in Hungarian): The website of ambasa, bogesz001 and HPetyo.

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DiceRunner (mostly in Hungarian): The website of Nagy Máté Farkas (Dwalin) with Age of Tyrants, Kings of War, Warzone Resurrection articles among others.

Asztropata - Wargame News Blog (in Hungarian): The website of Nagy Máté Farkas (Dwalin) with Kings of War, Warhammer 40.000, Warpath, Warzone Resurrection articles among others. (Inactive since 2015)


Generic articles

Roleplaying Tips - 22 Terrain Hacks For the Low Budget Game Master: Terrain on a budget.

Campaign Mastery - 3-D Battlemaps for the financially challenged – Updated & Enhanced: Great ideas to create 3D terrain for your games.

Terrain tiles

Campaign Mastery - 8 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dungeon Tiles

Roleplaying Tips - Dungeon Tile Mastery: 9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Tile Collection

Game play

Generic articles

Campaign Mastery - Elevate Your Game – Tracking Airborne Minis: How to show where your flying units are.

Miniatures databases

Collector Info: Database of the personal collection of the creator. Mostly Warhammer Fantasy Battles (High Elves section, partially Wood Elves), Kobolds ate my baby (RPG), Harlequin Miniatures, Rezolution.

The Stuff of Legends: Collection of 25-28mm miniatures, with a focus on Games Workshop products.

Avian (from We Iz Orcs): Info on Various Sculptors: A list of sculptors and their works.

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Would you like to recommend more miniatures websites? How do you like the ones listed here? Tell us in the comments!

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