Obelisks from Spellcrowimage © Spellcrow
sculpt © Spellcrow

Miniature scenery set: Necrolith Objective Counters, Product code: -, Sprue: -, Miniature scenery: obelisk, Range: Fantasy / Modern / Futuristic / Spellcrow Space (Futuristic fantasy), Company: Spellcrow company, Production: -2016-

Type: obelisk, Size: ?, Technology: Ancient/Medieval (Archaic), Based on: ?

Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm), Proportions: Realistic / Heroic, Size: 4 cm high, Material: Resin, Priming: Primer is not necessary
Assembly: One-piece, Posing: Hard, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: No base, Conceptual design: ?, Sculptor: Piotr Pirianowicz
Features: 6 obelisk, 6x1 sculpts.

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Buying the product - Necrolith Objective Counters miniature scenery from Spellcrow

Base set price (2016): 8 EUR, Price/model: 1,8 EUR

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