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Cacti from Kromlechimage © Kromlech
sculpt © Kromlech
painting © Kromlech

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Details - Cacti miniature scenery from Kromlech

Miniature scenery: Cacti #1-#11, Set: Cacti (KRBK005), Sprue: ?, Range: Nature, Company: Kromlech, Production: -2017-

Type: cactus (organic scenery), Size: ?, Technology: Wild, Based on: ?

Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) scale, Proportions: Realistic / Heroic, Size: -, Material: Resin, Priming: Primer is not necessary
Assembly: looks One-piece, Posing: Medium, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: No base, Conceptual design: ?, Sculptor: ?
Features: 11 cactus, 1x11 sculpts

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Buying the product - Cacti miniature scenery from Kromlech

Base set price (11 cacti): 8 EUR, Price/model: 0,72 EUR

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