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Modern gangster with handgun in 1/56 scale (Mobster Gangster for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game) from Warlord Games - Miniature figure reviewimage © Warlord Games
sculpt © Warlord Games


Miniature: Mobster Gangster

Product name: Mobster Gangster, ex: Cleaner


Mobster Gangster set (JD20114): contains 1

Sleezy Lawyer, Cleaner and Vid-Vulture set: contains 1

Judge Dredd Mobsters set (JD109): contains 1

Species: Human

Gender: male (Human male)

Role: Civilian (gangster)

Technology: Modern / Futuristic (Advanced)

Range: Judge Dredd Miniatures Game (Modern / Futuristic)

Company: Warlord Games

Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) scale

Proportions: Realistic

Size: ?

Material: White metal

Priming: ?

Assembly: ?

Posing: ?

Paintjob: Unpainted

Base: Tabbed for Slottabase

Sculptor: ?

Accessories: None.


Features: Human-sized (S3) Modern (Advanced) balding Human male (Human male) Civilian (gangster) with pistol (handgun) (L).

Advanced humanoid with handgun - Advanced humanoid with pistol

Advanced miniature - Advanced humanoidAdvanced humanoid with handgun / Human-sized (S3) Advanced, Human-sized (S3) Modern, Human-sized (S3) Futuristic,

Category: Human-sized (S3) Modern Human male civilian with pistol

Uses for games

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Official - Mobsters set

Warlord Games: Mobsters - Blitzer and Gangster: Official webpage. (2020.03.29: Article is offline.)

Official - Gangster

Warlord Games: Mobster Gangster: Official webpage. (2020.03.29: Article is offline.)

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Buying the product

Where can you buy it?

Base price (Mobster Gangster): ? GBP, Price/model: ? GBP

Base set price (Judge Dredd Mobsters set): 10 GBP, Price/model: 5 GBP (if you need the other figure)

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