Humanoid warrior with sword in 1/56 scale - Orc Sword #1 from Renegade Miniatures - Miniature figure reviewimage © Renegade Miniatures
sculpt © Renegade Miniatures
painting © Steve Dean

Article updated: 2020.03.17

The Orc Sword #1 miniature figure from Renegade Miniatures is a fantasy humanoid warrior, holding a sword and a shield. The model is 1/56 (28mm/32mm) scale, has heroic scale proportions, made of white metal.

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Details - Orc Sword #1 from Renegade Miniatures

Miniature figure: Orc Sword #1

Product name: Orc Sword, Product code: set: 102, Kit: -, Sprue: -, Range: Orcs (Fantasy), Setting: ?, Series: ?, Company: Renegade Miniatures company, Production: -2015-2016-? (Out of production)

Size: Human-sized (S3), Species: Orc (Humanoid - Savage humanoid), Gender: probably male, Technology: FantasyMedieval (Archaic), Role: Warrior, Features: -, Armour:  chainmail (armour), shieldHelmet: helmet, Equipment in hand: R: sword (Weaponsmelee weapon / one-handed melee weapon), L: shield, Equipment carried: -, Based on: ?

Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm), Proportions: Heroic scale, Size: 30mm high, Material: White metal, Priming: Primer is necessary
Assembly: One-piece plus shield, Posing: Hard, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Tabbed for slottabase, Conceptual design: probably Kevin Adam (Goblin Master), Sculptor: Kevin Adam (Goblin Master)

Accessories: Shield.

Set: Orcs Swords (4) set: includes 1

Archaic miniature, Archaic humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Archaic humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Fantasy humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Medieval humanoid,

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Review - Orc Sword #1 from Renegade Miniatures

For more information on the model, read our our review of the Orc with Spear #2 miniature:

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Resources - Orc Sword #1 from Renegade Miniatures


Renegade Miniatures: Orcs: Official webpage. (2020: The website is offline.)

the article on


Olaf Meys (from Mainly 28s): Renegade Miniatures orcs: Review article.

Whiskey Priest (The Leadpile): All orcs great and small: Showcase article of various orcs.


Steve Dean (on Renegade Miniatures Gallery): Renegade Miniatures orcs: Showcase article of painted examples of Renegade Miniatures orcs.

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Buying the product - Orc Sword #1 from Renegade Miniatures


Base set price (Orcs Swords (4) set)(2015): 12 GBP, Price/model: 3 GBP (if you need all components)

Where can you buy it?

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Do you have a Orc sword #1 miniature from Renegade Miniatures? How do you like it? Would you recommend them to others? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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