Skeletal human warrior with hand weapons and shield (Skeleton Warrior) from Mantic Games - Miniatureimage © Mantic Games
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Skeleton Warrior from Mantic Games


Details - Skeleton Warrior from Mantic Games

Miniature: Skeleton Warrior #1, Sprue: Undead Skeleton Troop sprue, Set: many, Species: Human skeleton, Technology: Fantasy / Medieval (Archaic), Range: Kings of War (Fantasy), Company: Mantic Games, Production: ?
Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm), Proportions: Realistic, Size: ?, Material: Hard plastic, Priming: Not necessary
Assembly: Multi-piece (Tight fit peg), On sprue, Needs cutting, Posing: Medium, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Integral base - Fits Mantic base, Sculptor: ?
Features: Skeleton human, armed with melee weapon and shield, or spear and shield

The Skeleton Warrior is a skeletal human warrior, for Kings of War, from Mantic Games.


Archaic miniature, Archaic humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Archaic humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Fantasy humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Medieval humanoid,

Technology: Fantasy / Medieval (Archaic)

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Undead Skeleton Troop sprue contents

  • 2x 5 Skeleton Warrior legs, with holes for pegs
  • 1x 6 Skeleton Warrior torso holding a hand weapon and shield (1x sword, 1x hammer, 1x axe, 3x open hand), with pegs
  • 1x 1 Skeleton Warrior torso with open hands, without pegs
  • 1x 4 Skeleton Warrior torso with shield, without head, without pegs
  • 1x 5 Skeleton Warrior head
  • 1x 3 Skeleton Warrior arm (1x mace, 1x sicle, 1x open hand)
  • 2x 4 Skeleton Warrior sword
  • 1x 7 Skeleton Warrior spear
  • 1x 1 Skeleton Warrior broken spear
  • 1x 1 Skeleton Warrior dog
  • 1x 1 Skeleton Warrior gravestone
  • 1x 1 Skeleton Warrior dwarf head trophy
  • 1x 2 Skeleton Warrior grave ground
  • 1x 1 Skeleton Warrior rotting arm

From one Skeleton Warrior sprue you can assemble:

  • 5 Skeleton Warrior with hand weapons, easily built with tight-fit pegs
  • 10 Skeleton Warrior with hand weapons, 5 with tight-fit pegs, 5 needs glue
  • 8 Skeleton Warrior with spear and shield, although 1 spear will be shorter, and you'll need to cut the weapons from the hands
  • 9 Skeleton Warrior with sword and shield, you'll need to cut some weapons from the hands

Probably one more sword and 2 more spears would have been a nice addition. I don't really understand the 5 pegless torsos, but some glue solves the problem.

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Using the miniature - Skeleton Warrior from Mantic Games

Possible uses

  • 1:72 scale: A huge skeleton.
  • 1:56 scale: A skeleton.
  • 1:48 scale: A small skeleton.
  • 1:35 scale: A tiny skeleton.

Uses for games

Uses on the website

  • None yet

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Resources - Skeleton Warrior from Mantic Games

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Buying the product - Skeleton Warrior from Mantic Games

Base set price (Undead Skeleton Troop sprue): 10 GBP, Price/mini: 1 GBP (if you need the other minis)

Base set price (Undead Skeleton Horde set): 30 GBP, Price/mini: 0,75 GBP (if you need the other minis)

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Do you have the Skeleton Warrior from Mantic Games? How do you like it? Would you recommend it to others? What further uses can you come up with? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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